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The Core of The Soul

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It’s a year shy of Jeff O’Riley completing his life sentence in prison for murdering Ava Ballantyne’s brother. She had forgiven Jeff six years earlier; why was she still of afraid of him? What will happen after he gets out of prison? Besides that worry, Ava believed that part of her destiny was to end war by discovering a code, with the potential to end wars. First, however, there was something else to learn, dignity, in a way she was unaware. Her sons were diagnosed with autism. While learning about the autism puzzle, she cracked the code. She bravely daydreamed about the past to guide her into the future. Even then, she realized that she had miles of discovery left on her journey to being whole again. In The Core of the Soul, Ava hits one roadblock after another…rolls her Suburban with all four kids inside, deals with her mother’s cancer diagnosis, and then with her beloved husband, Shelby, as he battles the West Nile Virus. It’s a tough year, especially because she hasn’t found a way to share her message to end war. Will she be able to tell her story in black and white and reveal the code? Or will the roadblocks of shame, fear, and loss of self-confidence get the best of her? What happened to her soul, the life force that instills a sense of empowerment over her own life and promotes connection and intimacy? The Core of the Soul is the third book in the Core series. The Core series is the second trilogy for author, Sara Enochs. The Code series is the first trilogy. Please visit for more information on the Code trilogy.