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The Core of Knowledge

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Ava Ballantyne’s brother, Zack, was murdered in 1987. Friends and family gave little advice, no “How to Heal Your Broken Heart” manual or at least some way to cope. Now married, with four children, Ava wants to comfort her husband, Shelby, with the passing of his mom, Marilyn. What would Ava say to ease his pain? What knowledge did she possess that could help him through this most difficult time? It was Thanksgiving. Little did she know that by Christmas she would lose both of her grandmas. How would she cope? By daydreaming, of course! Now that I have delivered the code in the “CODE” trilogy, how does it work and what else do I need to learn about the code? Always open to learning more about the code, it didn’t take long to receive new knowledge. From my mother-in-law, I learned about the notion of wabi-sabi, from my maternal grandmother, moxy, and from my paternal granny, a sense of tradition. All three things, wabi-sabi, moxy, and tradition, add to my collection of knowledge on how the code works. The Core of Knowledge is the first book in the Core series. The Core series is the second trilogy for author, Sara Enochs. The Code series is the first trilogy. For more information please visit