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The Core of Change

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Shelby is turning 40 and Ava wants to do something special for his birthday, but he has already planned a trip to Belize. They end up on a sailboat for seven days just the two of them. Things go wrong. They run out of sunscreen and then water. They witness a shooting. They can’t get proper weather reports, and anchor in the wrong spots. Then, they run into Jeff O’ Riley’s best friend growing up. Jeff is the man who killed Ava’s brother, and he has a message about making changes in one’s life. Ava has been terribly stuck on her brother’s death, and it’s time for a change. After a bad storm, they confess to what’s not working in their lives. When they come home, they attempt to change things. The Core of Change is the second book in the CORE trilogy on the forgiveness process. The objective of this book is breaking through old patterns and finally making the shifts that matter. The Core of Change is about leaving the safety of the harbor and ending up in uncharted territory and realizing that you are fine. The Core of Change is the second book in the Core series. The Core series is the second trilogy for author, Sara Enochs. The Code series is the first trilogy. For more information, please visit