The Code of Dignity

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Will Ava Ballantyne continue to daydream of far-off places on her path of self-discovery and her mission to save the world? Will she finally dust off her research material and cure the world of disease? Will she be able to use her daydreaming ways to reach her sons when they are diagnosed with autism? Ava has something important to say that will undoubtedly affect the future, but somehow she has never managed to say it. Because her destiny continues to evolve, she is afforded the ability to learn more and more about human dignity. She knows there is more to this story and feels that she is being taught to look at life from different perspectives. As she begins to believe that other possibilities may exist, she starts to wonder if her sons’ unique ways of experiencing this world is really a gift, the gift she has been searching for … Will Ava change the world, or will it be Eli?