The Code of Deliverance

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It’s been eleven years since 9/11, and we’re still at war with Al Qaeda. The shock to the American psyche has not faded. Questions remain. Why did we go to war in the first place? What has this war cost us? When will it end? Why isn’t the American government telling us the truth? Is it about oil or opium or something else? What was Osama bin Laden trying to accomplish? Why do young men join the jihad? Why do they believe that Americans are infidels who insult the Muslim community and their faith? Why can’t we co-exist? Questions like these haunt author, Sara Enochs, who is a mother in Phoenix, Arizona. She has thought hard about finding a way to solve these issues. Why? “When you become a mom, your eyes are opened to the injustice in the world,” says Sara Enochs. “We can do better than this. It’s imperative that we find a solution to violence. Not just for my children, but for all of the children around the world.” In The Code of Deliverance, Sara Enochs’ third novel in the CODE series, she daydreams of a code that will fix everything. It turns out that the code is actually very old, and everybody knows about it, including Ava, her main character. Yet, she doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t believe. “The code is finally delivered in my third novel,” states Sara Enochs. “It has the power to break down walls, free hearts, mend countries, restore families. It can turn hatred into tenderness, and the power to destroy, into a passion to protect. It can keep kids off drugs. There’s not another code out there with such power,” Sara Enochs has come to believe. “Nothing else can bring such profound healing. It’s the gift Ava has always been daydreaming about, from the first novel, The Code of Destiny, to the last exhilarating page of The Code of Deliverance.” The Code trilogy, The Code of Destiny, The Code of Dignity, and The Code of Deliverance, is Sara first sewing project, so to speak. “I had no clue what I was doing. I just knew that I needed to write,” Sara admits. “My brother was violently killed by a guy on crystal meth in 1987, which is chronicled in my books, and from that day forward I vowed to do everything I could to prevent more violent deaths from happening. Now, it’s 2012, crystal meth is an epidemic and we’re at war. There’s so much violence. It’s my hope that this code will do what it has done for me, and end the war.” “We all have a war that we need to end. Have you ever heard of the code, 41 and 81, 67 and 65, 10 and 94, 6?”